We take your success seriously. And personally.

We expect you to expect our best – from our products to our service to everything in between.

At DEEL Media, we partner with you at every stage of your project – from establishing goals to sharing creative thinking to long after installation. And when we say you can actually call and talk to the owners, that’s not just talk. We refuse to deliver anything less than amazing.

How we work with every client we serve.

  • Initial Consultation

    Together we’ll determine your in-store goals such as increasing average check amount, increasing repeat visit frequency, or purchasing now.

  • Design

    We work with you to fulfill the entire package, always with the end goal of motivating your customers to act. This really is the stage where our expertise makes the biggest difference. It’s where your vision becomes real.

  • Installation

    Our highly skilled team of technicians interpret the complex infrastructure requirements that involve electrical, blocking, networking, and cabling. We have the savvy to understand the detailed language of subcontractors and provide the technical diagrams, specifications, and instructions to complete your digital merchandising solution installation.

  • Support

    Our solutions are thoroughly developed and tested before deployment, but in the rare case that something goes wrong, we’re here to help. Our support team members are experts in all aspects of our solutions. We can quickly pinpoint problem sources leading to rapid resolution.

24 hour support is available to all DEEL Media customers.