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The DEEL Media Yum Brands Express Digital Menu Board Program includes a hardware package and a monthly subscription to our Carbon™ digital merchandising platform software. The hardware kit includes everything you need to complete the installation including a DEEL Carbon player. The Carbon player will present YUM Express branded menu and promotional content based on a set schedule for your store by day-of-week and day part, to the screens in your store. To manage the content, authorized users are able access a Web-based and mobile content scheduling interfaces. We also offer installation services and extended warranty options.

Wondering where to start? Here are a few questions to get you grounded.

What’s the difference between a commercial monitor and a consumer TV?

Commercial monitors are designed to meet the rigors of continuous operation in a retail environment. The internal components used are selected for long life and therefore manufacturers can offer longer warranties. Consumer TVs are designed to meet a market price point. The internal components used are selected for low cost.

How many screens are required?

Menus range from one to four screens of content. The number of digital menu board screens required is dependent upon your specific store menu.

Can I buy the screens myself?

Yes, you may buy the screens yourself. Please consult DEEL Media regarding specifications to ensure the screens you purchase will work for the system. Please note that DEEL Media cannot support screens purchased separately from the DEEL Media YUM! Express digital menu board hardware kit.

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