Our products are better because our people are better.

When you give talented artists the opportunity to push their thinking to the absolute limits of the technology, you don’t just get amazing results, you get DEEL Media results. Your DEEL team will know you. They’ll know your brand and your industry. Best of all, they’ll know how to maximize the impact of the media. Go ahead and expect incredible, we’ll deliver.

Our proprietary software CARBON™ was designed with you in mind.

Making your job a little easier is important to us. That’s why we created CARBON. This proprietary software allows thousands of menu boards to be quickly and easily updated by location, by the day-of-the-week and even by the time-of-day. CARBON™ is built on top of a secure SQL database that allows centralized content management. That’s a technical way of saying “You can manage all of the menu boards in all of your locations from a single laptop or tablet.” It’s powerful stuff. And we made sure it’s easy to use. Ask for a demo and see for yourself.

Our hardware is commercial grade.

We’re experts in the implementation of best-in-class hardware solutions as evidenced by our longstanding partnerships with LG, Matrox Graphics, Dell, and Hall Research. You’ll get the best hardware – most important of all, you’ll get a creative solution that will make your customers respond.

Our design work is truly an art-form.

We’re always pushing our thinking. That means we’re always pushing our work by using the latest in menu design best practices. We provide motion graphics, analyze screen locations, and render top quality photography – including food photography – for maximum appetite appeal and maximum impact.

What’s next for your customers’ experience?

The DEEL Media Development Team was created to make your customers’ experience truly interactive. From interactive signage, Digital Box Office and POS integration, mobile and web apps, and e-commerce solutions – our team has the expertise to take your message to an all new level. Basically, if you can dream it, we can build it.

Want to work with us?