Our Team

We are a creative, energetic group
of digital signage professionals.

From little things like answering the phone and actually helping, to not so little things like creating a
digital experience that lets your customers experience your brand in a brand new way, delivering
results matters.
  • We’ve been doing just that since the turn of the century. The latest one was back when a 40” screen was the price of a compact car and weighed almost as much.
  • Today, if you ask a client about DEEL Media, you’ll probably hear them talking about our people as if they were their people. That’s how we like it. We’re not some giant, screen-pushing monster. We’re craftsmen (and women) who take your success personally.
  • Our founders managed the first broadly deployed digital menu board solution. Learning from this effort is “baked” into our Carbon platform, making it the most efficiently scalable digital menu CMS on the market.
  • Members of our creative team have been designing digital menu boards and motion content for retail since the 1990’s, the very earliest days of digital signage. We have been designing customer-facing content for Regal Cinemas, Pizza Hut, Universal Studios Theme Parks and many others for ten years and more.
  • Our Development team includes industry veterans who have developed complex applications from the ground-up including but not limited to point-of-sale systems, on-line eCommerce businesses, touch-interactive solutions and much more.
  • DEEL Support team members are all capable of tier-3 support. This means that when you call for support the person answering the phone has all the knowledge and tools required to answer your question or solve your issue without having to escalate to someone else.
DEEL first photo

So what's with the octopus...?

We could make up something ridiculous like…”The eight arms symbolize the eight pillars of our
commitment to our customers.” And force you to read eight clichés about service. Then again, we could
just tell you the truth. Years ago, we had a blank wall in our studio that was a little too blank for our liking
so we told a designer to take imagination and creativity for a ride. The result was the funkiest looking
octopus we’ve ever seen and it quickly became our unofficial mascot. It does remind all of us at DEEL
Media what we’re all about. We push imagination and creativity a little farther than anyone in the
                                                                      business to create experiences that are unexpected. And unrivaled.                                                                     Give us a blank anything and we’ll deliver something amazing.

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