The Carbon™ Digital Content Management Platform

It's the most powerful digital signage content management
platform on the planet...if we do say so ourselves.

At its core, the Carbon™ digital signage content management platform leverages a cutting-edge, cloud-native architecture, ensuring content is managed as structured data rather than mere files. This design choice empowers Carbon™ with unparalleled robustness and scalability
With our state-of-the-art cloud-hosted environment, you can seamlessly manage your content from anywhere in the world using the intuitive Carbon™ Web interface or the Carbon™ Mobile App.
Carbon™ is engineered to handle content management and scheduling for any display type or configuration, offering ultimate flexibility and control. Its robust design enables seamless management of thousands of locations, ensuring consistent and efficient operations at scale.
Our commitment to innovation means that Carbon™ continually evolves, with new features regularly introduced to meet and exceed your merchandising and communication objective

The Carbon™ digital signage content management platform is designed for seamless integration with virtually any data system, enabling effortless deployment of dynamic content through automated processes.


Feature Spotlight

The flexibility of our Carbon™ digital signage content management platform allows us to provide virtually any solution

you can think of, and some that maybe you didn't consider.


Data Integration

The Carbon™ platform's flexibility empowers you to implement virtually any data source imaginable, including those you might not have considered. Seamlessly integrate with diverse data systems to ensure dynamic, data-driven content.


Player Syncing

Elevate your guest experience with Carbon™ player syncing capabilities. Easily synchronize all players in your venue to display cohesive promotional or branding content. One DEEL Media customer successfully uses this feature to sync 125 players in a single venue.


Player Device Monitoring

Carbon™ continuously monitors and tracks the health of your player devices. Devices proactively address potential issues autonomously and report any problems needing support staff intervention before they cause disruptions.


Granular Content
Scheduling & Display

Unlock the potential of Carbon™'s advanced scheduling engine to dynamically orchestrate hundreds of content elements across multiple day parts. Deliver compelling, revenue-boosting content precisely tailored to your venue and audience, driving customer engagement with precision-timed, relevant messages. Carbon™ ensures your digital signage operates at peak effectiveness, capturing attention and maximizing impact through sophisticated scheduling technology.

Contextual Content

Preview playlists in a virtual environment before deployment. This feature ensures your content is accurate, relevant, and perfectly aligned with your strategic objectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your digital signage campaigns.


Cloud Hosted &

Carbon™ digital signage content management platform is hosted on a leading cloud provider, leveraging multi-layered security controls and cutting-edge threat intelligence to protect against rapidly evolving threats. This ensures robust security and reliable performance for your digital signage network.


The Carbon™ Web Interface

The Carbon™ interface is a powerful tool for building, managing, and deploying all types of digital signage presentations. Its role-based permissions allow for the efficient distribution of content management responsibilities to the appropriate team members.


Carbon™ Mobile


The Carbon™ Mobile app for iOS and Android streamlines the content management process by allowing location managers to handle simple content changes, distributing responsibilities and enhancing operational efficiency.

You Have a Team of Experts on Your Side

Custom Development 

Need a unique presentation? Our development team
can build display templates to present your data and
information specific to your business requirements

Expert Support 

All DEEL technicians are capable of "tier 3" support and
can help with everything from simple content management questions to the most complex multi-screen menu board template design. There's always an expert ready to be at your service.


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