Theater Digital

Signage Solutions

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

  • Maintain Brand Consistency
  • Motivate consumers to buy bundles and higher margin offerings
  • Eliminate inefficient processes
  • Modernize the appearance of your theaters 

Key Features 

  • Dynamic pricing and calories
  • Integration with Point-of-Sales, Box Office systems and other data 
  • Motion content display
  • Concession menu takeover scheduling 
  • Promotional campaign start and end date scheduling

Digital Box Office Displays 

The DEEL Digital Box Office Display dynamically generates your box office presentation based on data received from you ticketing system and digital title art 

Digital Concession Board Solutions

  • Our Carbon™ platform is designed to efficiently manage and display a unique menu mix and pricing by theater, day of the week, and day part 

  • The DEEL Content studio has a library of original theater and concession product photography that can be leveraged to enhance your concession boards without breaking the bank. 


Digital Movie Posters

Build interest in "now showing or "coming soon" features using animated digital movie poster displays. DEEL Media creates digital movie posters for most feature films when subscribe to our digital move poster program. 

Video Walls

DEEL Media implements digital video walls of any size and configuration to provide maximum visual impact 

Digital Auditorium Signs

Enhance way finding for guest by providing bright digital auditorium signs. Movie titles, times , auditorium status and title art are dynamically displayed based on output from your ticketing system

Lobby Takeover

DEEL Media's Carbon platform allows all players in the theater to be synced to perform a
"takeover" event